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A log contract, first introduced by Neuberger (1994) and Neuberger (1996), is not strictly an option. It is, however, an important building block in volatility derivatives (see Chapter 6 as well as Demeterfi, Derman, Kamal, and Zou, 1999). The payoff from a log contract at maturity T is simply the natural logarithm of the underlying asset divided by the strike price, ln(S/ X). The payoff is thus nonlinear and has many similarities with options. The value of this contract is (via "The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas")

L = e^(-r * T) * (log(S/X) + (b-v^2/2)*T)

The delta of a log contract is

delta = (e^(-r*T) / S)

and the gamma is

gamma = (e^(-r*T) / S^2)

S = Stock price.
K = Strike price of option.
T = Time to expiration in years.
r = Risk-free rate
c = Cost of Carry
V = Variance of the underlying asset price
cnd1(x) = Cumulative Normal Distribution
nd(x) = Standard Normal Density Function
convertingToCCRate(r, cmp ) = Rate compounder

Numerical Greeks or Greeks by Finite Difference
Analytical Greeks are the standard approach to estimating Delta, Gamma etc... That is what we typically use when we can derive from closed form solutions. Normally, these are well-defined and available in text books. Previously, we relied on closed form solutions for the call or put formulae differentiated with respect to the Black Scholes parameters. When Greeks formulae are difficult to develop or tease out, we can alternatively employ numerical Greeks - sometimes referred to finite difference approximations. A key advantage of numerical Greeks relates to their estimation independent of deriving mathematical Greeks. This could be important when we examine American options where there may not technically exist an exact closed form solution that is straightforward to work with. (via VinegarHill FinanceLabs)

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