TrianglePoint strategy

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This is trend following strategy ... when price is trading well above 200 ema and forms a triangle (based on number of bars defined)

when fast ema > 200 ema
check for triangle of last N bars (default set to 9)

when fast ema crosses down middle term ema

if price reaches above 5% of buy , it changes the color to purple. You can close any time or wait for above signal.

stop loss default value set to 5%

Note: No triangle shown on the chart. I will find out how to add the lines to the chart.

For the use of educational purposes only
เอกสารเผยแพร่: I have added Triangle drawings to the chart.

Also I have noticed that when position is taken LONG, mostly price reaches the half of the height of the Triangle. You can lock profits there or raise the stop loss ....

if the price goes south (downwards) half of the height of the triangle , you can wind up the position rather than waiting for defined 5% loss

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hello Sir, I put this strategy on BTC 1 hour chart, the backtest result is too good to be true,,I wonder does this indicator repaint? like does it remove the failed signals automaticly?
mohanee yuexinnuo161025

Strategy always takes the position after the signal generated bar close. for example if long condition satisfied at 10:00 am on hourly chart , that bar closes at 10:30 am. SO strategy will trigger the position at next bar which starts at 10:31am. So strategy will not repaint ... Hope this clariifes your question ...
Great strategy, thanks for sharing!
mohanee blackcat1402
@blackcat1402, Thank you