(Long)EMA 4H + Stochastic RSI By Nussara(study)

This strategy is called "(Long) EMA 4H + Stochastic RSI" used for a long position. It uses EMA and stochastic RSI .

The 4-hour EMA is a trend indicator in smaller timeframes. For a long position, EMA fast is above EMA slow and uses stochastic RSI to predict price turning points. Through the formula, traders can identify overbought or oversold.

Default setting
1. The 4-hour EMA defaults to EMA fast =24 and EMA slow = 33.
2. Stochastic RSI defaults K=3, D=3, RSI Length=16, and Stochastic Length = 5.
You should adjust the settings to be suitable for the products that you trade.

(Long) EMA 4H + Stochastic RSI formula
Long Entry :
1. The timeframe of the chart must be less than or equal to 4 hours. If the timeframe is set higher than 4 hours, this strategy will not work.
2. 4-hour fast EMA line must be above slow EMA line, indicating an uptrend.
3. Stochastic RSI K line cross up D line and the intersection must be below 20.
If all three are true, the indicator will have a long signal.
Long Exit: Stochastic RSI K line cross down D line

This indicator is just a tool for technical analysis . It shouldn't be used as the only indication of trade because it causes you to lose your money. You should use other indicators to analyze together.
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