MACD VPT lag issue

จำนวนเข้าชม 1421
Most indicator use close as their primary source which is good but side effect of it is the lag in 1-2 candles
I created in the past the VPT indicator which is a volume indicator similar to OBV and I tranform it to be ised as a source insted of close . the reason for it since it a volume based indicator it faster and can help in the lag issue
So this script is just example how i change the source from close and put inside the VPT which make the MACD more responsive and faster
one problem of this indicator is that sometime it overshhot so with you can smooth it with len to desire result
So if you have lag indicator in one or two candels you can use this trick to try to solve it
เอกสารเผยแพร่: minor fix
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Hi Rafael,
It looks amazing! But I found one strange thing, it has quite big delay on small TF 3m for example (see attached screenshot). Could you please explain why this happens?
Tarle19 Tarle19
Ok, I think it was problems on TV site because now it looks like this on the same time frame
@Tarle19, its a volume indic\tor so can be the graph did not catch the volume well in that short period , on xbt it fine , on eth I saw the same short glich as you seen
Tarle19 RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, Thanks bro for the fast reply!))
Genius !
Great idea and thanks for information :)
hi rafael
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