Stochastic Weighted RSI w/ Divergence + Signals

🐢 Tawtis' Stochastic Weighted Relative Strength Index, aka SWRSI

This indicator combines the Stochastic RSI and the classic RSI we all know and love to create a more effective indication of seller/buyer dominance, and in turn, trend. I have named it the "Stochastic Weighted RSI". The script also includes a standard RSI , so you can use both at the same time!

Loads of customisation, pretty much every input can be changed to fit your preferences, however, the default settings are what I would personally recommend for the best results. Either way, feel free to change them!

By looking at the indicator, you can also establish the trend that may follow in the candles to come.

Typically, an indicator reading of over 70 is considered overbought, and an indicator reading of under 30 is considered oversold.
The calculations for the SWRSI and its signals take into account a multitude of exponential moving averages, a Stochastic RSI and a classic RSI , among other things.

There are 2 types of signals provided by the indicator, being strong and weak. You do not have to follow these, and they aren't always accurate (it's impossible to be accurate 100% of the time), however, they can give a good idea of the trend that will ensue.

Strong buy signals are created when:
  • SWRSI is under 30
  • SWRSI is over the EMA (default 2) of the SWRSI
  • Short EMA (default 20) is under the long EMA (default 50)

Strong sell signals are created when:
  • SWRSI is over 70
  • SWRSI is under the EMA (default 2) of the SWRSI
  • Short EMA (default 20) is over the long EMA (default 50)

Weak buy and sell signals are printed as green and red background highlights, and operate the same as the strong buy and sells, without the short/long EMA criterion. Both of these signal types can be toggled off using the settings if you do not want to see them.

เอกสารเผยแพร่: Changelogs v 1.4.9
- Added Standalone RSI, can be turned on and off
- Changed colours
- Cleaned up signal algorithm
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Release Notes: v1.5.0
- Changed Name
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Release Notes: v1.5.7
- Added Standalone Stoch RSI
- Clean Configs

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