ATR based Stop and Take-Profit levels in realtime

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Little tool to quickly identify stops and take-profit levels based on Average True Range . User can change ATR multipiers, as well as the ATR length used. Green and red lines show these levels; plot is visible over last 8 bars only to reduce clutter. Label showing the current ATR, up above the last bar
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How do I actually use it? I have the script on, but how do I open it to show me my tp and SL, if I press long or short position on my tools it only does default not your ATR
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twingall connorvice
@connorvice, its just a visual aid.. so you can manually draw your long/short position in the correct place
Thanks! Is there anyway to go further then 8 bars back? Can I just modify the Plot section and put how many bars I want?
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twingall AlexCar
@AlexCar, yes just change the 8 to number of bars you want, or delete the show_last part to plot across all of price
AlexCar twingall
@twingall, Thanks so much. Great tool! I appreciate it.
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hello, great tool! any advice for the input and style settings? im not able to see the box areas "stop loss and take profit". thanks
twingall Kenlau90
@Kenlau90, have to draw the box manually, this is just to help with where you draw it.
thank you so much for ATR
exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
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