The Trend Oracle - The Ultimate Position Tool

The Trend Oracle is a superadaptive multi-timeframe Indicator
Ideal timeframes are 4H, and 1D

It is based on a combination of several other indicators including:

- The Superstrength Index - An adaptive indicator using volume weighted average of the traditional RSI , MFI and OBV
- The Superfast MACD - An adaptive zero lag MACD
- ADX Trend - A tweaked version of the ADX
- Chop Zones - A combination of 2 Chop indexes to identify trending and non trending conditions.
- The Adaptive Supertrend - An adaptive version of the Supertrend, (switching multipliers based on the market trend)
- Breakout & Breakdown - An algorithm computing volume compression and expansion to indicate breakout & breakdown signals.
- [bBullish and Bearish Divergences - Confirmed Bull and Bear divs shown as green and red dots at the top and bottom of the indicator.

Areas highlighted in Aqua are bullish , red are bearish .
Use this indicator as a tool to position yourself over longer timeframes.

MM :)

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