Volume CCI

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Here simply calculate the CCI of the volume , this will use to measure the strength of the trend of the volume

I think the volume as the price could be represented by candles or other graphic to use indicators and strengthen their analysis, due to lack of registration of this it is first necessary to calculate a volume graph, if the candle traditionally negative price brand then the total volume is taken as negative for the period. An example of this is in the On Balance Volume indicator, the problem is that there is no way to analyze the volume using other methods. An approximate volume of the spread could be the use of the price spread to make a synthetic behavior

As traditionally is observed if Open> Close then the candle and the volume will be negative and vice versa; the next step, is estimate the amounts of the candle necessary to calculate the ratio to use for the volume and thus idealize their spread within the candle:

VLOW = Volume x Low
vHigh = x High Volume
VOpen = vClose
vClose = Volume x Close

This graph can show a stable synthetic form of fluctuations in the volume trend affected by price.
ideas, comments and suggestions (or corrections).They are always welcome

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study("CCI de Volumen")
shortlen = input(28, title="signal",minval=1)
longlen = input(56, title="Profundidad",minval=1)
/// Values
volumex=volume//*(close>close[1] ? 1 : -1)
V_CLOSE = close*volumex
V_HIGH  = max(max(high*volumex,V_CLOSE),V_OPEN)
V_LOW   = min(min(low*volumex,V_OPEN),V_CLOSE)
V_HL2   = ( V_HIGH + V_LOW ) / 2

plot(ccx, color=blue)
plot(sma(ccx,shortlen),color=red, transp=30, linewidth=2)
hline(0, title="Axis", color=gray, linestyle=dashed,linewidth=2)
sc=hline(100, title="Sobre-Compra", color=silver, linestyle=dotted)
ei=hline(200, title="Exuberancia Irracional", color=silver, linestyle=solid)
sv=hline(-100, title="Sobre-Venta", color=silver, linestyle=dotted)
pp=hline(-200, title="Panico Psicotico", color=silver, linestyle=solid)
fill(ei,pp, color=silver)
fill(sc,sv, color=gray)