Ichimoku Cloud Enhanced - Conditions Indicator

จำนวนเข้าชม 1302
Original Cloud code base from "Ichimoku Cloud Enhanced For Crypto"
Link here

At a glance simplified rendering of ichimoku cloud elements and algorithmic detection of all ichimoku cloud events. Has alert conditions for all/most events you would want.

Central red/green band represents the cloud and the current "future" cloud colour.

Kumo Twists are shown for when they are both below/above the current candle and for when they first appear in the "future" cloud.

Orange line represents close and it's relative position to the cloud and Kinjun.

Tenkan and Kinjun, crosses and relative position to the cloud (blue/green lines). Will show crosses if they occurred above/in/below the cloud etc.

Chikouspan Breakouts (above/below cloud & price action) fuchsia lines.

It should have all the logic required to build a strategy from IC conditions by combining them however you want.

If you find it useful please consider a tip/donation to the rumpy liquidation recovery fund : BTC - 3BMEXEDyWJ58eXUEALYPadbn1wwWKmf6sA

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