EMA cross and RSI strategy with back test period & multi tf ema

Multi time frame strategy with backtest period -specifically tested on trxbtc 1H chart.

Highs and lows of previous Higher time frame period plotted on chart

Higher time-frame EMA

Strategy works as follows:

When Close is below the Higher time frame EMA then:

Buy condition : EMA1 crosses EMA 2
Sell condition : EMA1 crosses EMA3 or when close is below EMA1 while RSI being Overbought

When Close is above the Higher time frame EMA then:

Buy condition : Buy at closing
Sell condition : when close is below the higher time-frame EMA

Option of Using TEMA1 and TEMA2 instead of EMA1 & EMA2 added

Stop loss, Take profit and Trailing Stop loss values can be entered from settings.

Just for back-testing or paper trading purposes

To get access just hit like or comment below, i'll make sure to add within 1-2 days max.


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Please can I try this strategy? Thanks!
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Would love to testing this strategy. Thank You.
Hi, Can I have access please? thanks
Great work! Can I have access please? Thank in advance
If this is still available, i would like to test it :D
Rather new at this strategy stuff and i'm looking to learn more.
Thank you.
Hi sir. I would very much like to give this a try. I hope that you would give me access to your script. Thank you.
Please let me try it. Thanks!
Would like to give a try, thank you!
Would love to give this a try, thanks!
Seems like a excellent script, can you add me for testing purpose? Thank you :)
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