Ignition Cha Cha Cha

Ignition Cha Cha Cha (ICCC) is a 3 color coded moving average indicator which numerically quantify the angle of their trends. I have labeled them as fast, medium and slow. The trend colors are Green for bullish, Red for bearish and Grey for sideways. The sideways movement can be user defined for all 3 in the settings under Threshold. If you regard for example anything under 10º as sideways then place 10 in the corresponding threshold and any angle under 10º will give a grey moving average and a grey labeled text. I use this chart in several ways. If you don't want moving averages all over your Chartistic Masterpiece you can turn off the plots and leave the numeric angles which will give you an overview of the trend. Conversely if you want to make the ultimate trend chart you can setup a 4 chart layout, Weekly, Daily, 12 hour and 4 hour and add the indicator with 200/50/25 moving averages and look for confluence. I find the best way for this is turn off the candles and use the moving averages with the numeric labels. You also have the ability to turn off and on different aspects of the indicator so that there is good control over its look. Also I have given the indicator lots of Alert presets for all 3 of the moving averages so you can avoid demented screen-stairing. Please forgive the name, my mother made me do Ballroom dancing lessons as a kid.

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