EW Correction on choppiness with CB Composite index [yoxxx]

จำนวนเข้าชม 2151
Sometimes it is more than convenient to differ fast from a genuine high or
a B in an expanded flat (a very impulsive counter within a correction, resulting in an higher high than the genuine.)
I tried to use the typical choppiness of Bs in general to indicate them (orange box in example).
Therefore i used a momentum of close, relative to the bar's heights (=vola).
I turned out, that it works like charme to show ALL correction phases in a trend cycle. (And hence the impulses as well.)
(Credit:The choppiness of the Bs is a hint of Constance Brown, which i adopted. Bow to her.)

Note1: I tested it on all Timeframes, but mainly on D; and only in bull markets.
Note 2: I added the composite index of Constance Brown which is faster than the rsi and - special skill -
can inidcate divergences to prices where rsi fails. Use it as a hint for choppiness changes to come.
Since its strength lies in being not normalized, sometimes you may adjust the composite for fitiing it to the EW bars.I inserted a line for that in the script.

Feedback welcome!

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Great job. Lack of words to appreciate you what u accept, no-one accepts but u did it. Great men
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