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This is a very good strategy for Swing Trading, I have been using this strategy for very long time and made good amount of profit using this. This works great for both long trades and short trades, Stop loss and Take profit target is must while entering the trade, this make sure that the trade ends up in good profit and in case if the market revers, ends in only small loss.

This strategy works using the pivot points , we calculate the pivot point using the number of candles mentioned in the input field "leftBars" and "rightBars", if you add more number of bars then the frequency of the trade decreases. for example with the leftBars as 4 you will get less trades than the leftBar=2. Every trade entry is represented using "Buy" and "Sell" signals, whenever there is a new signal chart shows buy/sell signal for limit price, you need to add a limit order for the same price.

LeftBars = Number of left bars should be used for calculating the pivot pints, (more bars means less frequent trades)
RightBars = Number of right candle bars used for calculating the pivot points (more bars means less frequent trades)

Date/month/day : for selecting the right backtesting the period (currently it set to Jan 2018 to current day )

for this backtesting i have used 1000$ capital and with 10% capital used for each trade, free to modify it as per your needs.

This strategy works best on 4H time frame but you can also try backtesting on other time periods.

The default parameters present in the strategy is works best for most of famous cryptocurrencies on 4H time period.

Please DM me if you would like to tryout 7 Days free trail.
Updated Date to larger value to shows signals after 2021
Newly Added features:

  • We have moved away from Pivot Points and implemented our own logic for calculating the Support and Resistance
  • Adding additional trend checking to double confirm the details.
  • Added Stop Loss and Take Profit Targets
  • Added configurable StopLoss to Take profit ratio
  • Added Option for changing the color of the line and texts used for SL and TP
  • Updated Backtest range picket to new date input type introduced by Tradingview recently

Details on how newly added features works:
How it works:
Core logic behind this indicator is to finding the Support and Resistance , we find the Lower High (LH) and Higher Low (HL) to find the from where the price reversed(bounced back) and also we use a custom logic for figuring out the peak price in the last few candles (based on the input "Strength" ). Based on the multiple previous Support and Resistance (HH, HL, LL LH) we calculate a price level, this price level is used a major a factor for entering the trade. Once we have the price level we check if the current price crosses that price level, if it crossed then we consider that as a long/short entry (based on whether it crosses resistance or support line that we calculated). Once we have pre long/short signals we further filter it based on the market trend to prevent too early/late signals, this trend is calculated based on the value from the input field "Factor". Along with this if we don't see a clear trend we do the filtering by checking how many support or resistance level the price has bounced off.

Stop Loss and Take Profit: We have also added printing SL and TP levels on the chart to make the it easier for everyone to find the SL/TP values. Script calculates the SL value by checking the previous support level for LONG trade and previous resistance level for SHORT trades. Take profit are calculated in 1:1 ratio as of now.

Backtesting Configuration present in the chart:
We have used 10000$ initial capital withe 10% of the capital for every entry. Also added 0.02% stop loss for each trade. Feel to change it as per your requirements.

Available Inputs:
Strength : Define the strength of the support resistance that we calculate. The lower value means less number of candles used for calculating the support & resistance and vice versa
Factor: Specify what level of trend to use. Using higher value will result script looking using the larger trend (zoomed out trend) and using lesser value will result in using the short trends
Stop Loss to Take Profit Ratio: input allows user to enter the Stop loss to take profit ration. By default this is set to 1. that mean if the stop loss is set to 10 points below then TP1 will be 10 points above the entry price. In the same way if the ratio is 2 then TP1 will be set to 20 Points from the entry price (Formula is; TP1 = SL points * ratio).
Note: For most of the charts you don’t need to change the default values. However, feel free to try it out.

How to get access:
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