BullTrading MultiTimeFrame ATR %

Good afternoon traders.

Have you ever got trapped on the middle of a consolidation? Well, it just happened to me trading the 1 minute chart last friday!
So, I coded this script to display a percentage of ATR for a given resolution.
Now, how can you benefit using this information?

For example:

Using the standard settings (resolution is calibrated 15 minutes in order to trade 1minute charts), just draw your prefered support and resistance . Then measure the number of pips between support and resistance . This number should be approximately the same the indicator is displaying. If the indicator is displaying a lower value, maybe it will be a good idea to tighten your support/resistance levels (if the price goes against you, you will have confidence and probability on your side to open an opposite position and reach your Take profit before a new reversal take place.

Change colors and resolution for your desired timeframe until you find your particular "sweet spot"

Have a nice trading week.


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