MA MTF Cross Strategy

Strategy Introduction

  • This multi-timeframe strategy generates buy and sell entries based on two Moving Averages’ cross with an option to turn on trend direction confirmation through 3rd Moving Average selection. While all three moving averages can be selected from the following list:
  • EMA
  • DEMA
  • TEMA
  • LRC
  • WMA
  • MF
  • VAMA
  • TMA
  • HMA
  • JMA
  • Kijun v2
  • McGinley
Only long trades are enabled currently

Default Settings

I've set the default selection to the perfect options for 1D timeframe. You can modify all MAs selections and their lengths according to your selected timeframes.
Following default settings are used:
  • Heiken Ashi Candles are selected by default as source
  • 1st Moving Average selection is set to LRC ( Linear Regression Curve)
  • Length of 1st Moving Average is set to 50
  • 2nd Moving Average is set to EDSMA ( Ehlers Deviation-Scaled Moving Average)
  • Length of 2nd Moving Average is set to 30
  • 3rd Moving Average is set to HMA ( Hull Moving Average )
  • Length of 3rd Moving Average is set to 200
  • Uptrend direction confirmation through 3rd Moving Average is set to false by default
  • Start date is set to start from 2013
  • Backtesting can also be done selecting %age of equity

Suggestions for Usage

Mostly winning trades by set defaults have no prominent drawdown so losing trades can be abolished with Stoploss. Would soon add Stoploss and Takeprofit options in next version. Also, if you want an alerts version of it then just comment below and would publish it later. I’ve found this strategy useful on 1D timeframe with described default settings but multiple Mas selections can be explored further.


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