Strong Sell Signal for Bitcoin. Road to 14k.

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I analyze daily and weekly timeframe . Here are the list why bitcoin will go down:

1. 100 SMA and 25 SMA is my indicator for reversal. It the recent rally, the 100 SMA and 25 SMA failed to cross for bullish reversal.
2. Support lines are drawn in my chart. It currently breaks the support line in 17.5k-18k area.
It is headed for the next support of 14k. If you zoom out the chart and look for weekly chart. You can see a support at 14k in June 2019.
3. -DI is above the ADX and the slope of ADX is high. I also based the strength of the trend based on the slope of the ADX .

I look for 14k if there is possible big rally or bounce. I will take profit if the -DI goes below the ADX and wait for further reversal signal.
I closed my position. Planning to take a long position right now
I shorted again, my plan for buying did not continue.

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