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This pattern can be a combination of zigzag flats(frequently elongated) and triangles.
Virtually always a pattern which falls into this category terminates with triangle

Either one the two x-waves can also be triangles but are not required to be.
The first two Corrections (The one which starts the move and the one right after the first x-wave )
Should not be Triangles.

When a triple Combination occurs in a triangle,it will be largest wave
of the the Triangles in price and probably time also.

It can occur in only one other pattern,a terminal impulse.When a triple combination occurs
as the extended 5th wave of a terminal

*** It is the only time the market should completely retrace
a triple combination,even though the retracement will be of a larger degree.


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PacharaTantaragron เกี่ยวกับ BTCUSD
For me the big triangle we are in is x-x and c-c. In may we were stopped short by MA130 and MA200, in Sept we couldnt stay above MA130
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